Thursday, May 22, 2008

Introduction: Craftstew

Hi everyone! My name is Lynn, and I blog at Craftstew. How did this name come about? I tried to figure something out that encompassed everything that I do, crafty-wise, and I figured a stew is a delicious blending of flavors, so that's what I decided on. In retrospect, it sounds like Chatstew, a segment on The Soup. I guess that works, because I love soup (and that show) too! Recently my blog has been mostly about my puppy, Lucy, but hopefully I will have more time to sew soon! Here is a shot of her helping me iron out yardage...
Lucy sleeping on Dear Jane Quilt yardage
I started quilting because I had been knitting this blanket (still not finished) and I decided that quilting would be faster. In my knitting group, there is one quilter and she was anxious to get us all quilting too. Now we are more of a small quilting group and a knitting group :P
Pink Quilt Front
So I signed up for a quilt class at the local quilt shop, and off I went! This pink quilt was the result of the class, and my first exposure to Amy Butler. I was drawn to the yellow fabric (the border), and I quickly was taught that if you have a big busy border that you want to stand out, sometimes it's nice to have calmer fabrics for the rest of the quilt.
A's Quilt Front
I bought many books, including Gee's Bend, Denyse Schmidt Quilts, and The Modern Quilt Workshop. I love all the books, but I definitely like the look of Denyse's the best. I have not made many of her quilts (yet), but I do love them. The A's quilt is the second quilt I made, based off of one of the quilts from her book.
Kel's Cal Quilt -  hanging out on the bench
From looking at the quilts I've posted, it looks like I like taking traditional patterns and using modern fabrics. Which is funny, because that's not how I would describe my quilting, but I guess it is true. Currently, my UFOs include a baby jane, a drunkard's path quilt and folksy block of the month. I would have thought I'd have a bit more wonkiness. I could start another quilt...
Front side of Half Moon Bay Quilt Waving
I am so excited to be a part of this quilting bee! The creativity in the blogosphere is astounding. I have been lucky enough to be a part of other swaps and groups, but I am super excited for this one. I've got to say I love the internets. Where else can I meet awesome people who can tell me where to shop in Japan, worry about doll quilts, or talk about knitting and dogs? I can't wait to see the quilts we come up with!
Ping's quilt on bench


Liz Harvatine said...

Yay Lynn! I was wondering when you'd get around to introducing yourself. I was very excited when I saw you were one of the 13!
The quilt on the beach is my favorite. Such pretty colors that blend together so nicely! Also, if it weren't for the A's fabric, that would be quite the Packer quilt which Harv would go nuts for!

Amy said...

I love the beachy quilt photo, both the beach and the quilt

TUTU Monkey said...

oooo I jumped on too (like amy below)to say I LOVE the quilt on the beach picture!!

You all are so talented!!

Rebekah C said...

I don't remember ever seeing your redwork quilt in blue/gold. It's beautiful!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous quilts! I'm already seeing how this group is impacting my sewing. Basically, I'm daydreaming about quilts ALL THE TIME now and just itching to start a new one. Even if it's just a little doll quilt.

Add me to the beach picture love!

SuperMomPreneur said...

wonderful! I really love your flying geese!

DaiseyB said...

I love the blue quilt hanging over the bench thing. What pattern did you use for that? Also is there any way others can join your group, maybe make a second group of 12? I love doing this kind of thing.

Daisey from Panhandle Sue Quilts


A wondeful quilts in lovely color :-)i love they color.
Have a creative week:-))