Friday, May 9, 2008

B is for Betty

I’m Betty from Betty Ninja blog. I’ve stitched a little here and there when I was growing up. I was never too into it until I came across Denyse Schmidt’s Quilt book. I loved the modern spin on things. I’ve tried her Hop Skip Jump pattern (see photo below) using my own improvisation. Since then I’ve tried her other design What a Bunch of Squares and also began experimenting on my own.


I love this coin strip like quilt I made for my mom on Christmas. The blocks are similar to that on Denyse Schmidt’s Hop Skip Jump pattern, but made from my own “new fabric”


I sew on a little vintage machine that sometimes works, but most of the time makes me swear. And I don’t think quilting should be about swearing so I might buy a new machine soon.


I have a crazy dog named Misty. Who is an escape artist and also likes to pull my clothes out of our room and strew them around. But really she is so sweet that she makes my teeth hurt.



Rebekah said...

your quilts are so beautiful! I can't believe that you are sewing them on a vintage machine...that should definitely earn you extra points for something!

I really want to try out that hop,skip,jump pattern sometime soon

Jacquie said...

You know I love your work! Check out Betty's vintage stuff too. She a fabulous shopper!

I think Misty is the cutest dog on the internet!