Sunday, May 11, 2008

the meaning of blempgorf

My name is Jenny and I blog at (Blempgorf is a nonsense word from a children's book by Jovial Bob Stine, used in social situations when you cannot recall a name or don't have the right thing to say).

I've been blogging for about four years now in various ways. these days the blog is all about quilts, fabric, and cupcakes. I started sewing a few years back because I needed a hobby. I had sewed some when I was younger, but hadn't done anything more intense than hem pants for many years. but while wasting time web surfing at work, I wandered across craft blogs and decided to bring out my sewing machine again. when I started back with sewing again, I made stuffed animals. but after a while, I ran out of people to give animals to, and shifted over to quilts. the quilt phase has really stuck, and I have kept busy making a variety of quilts.

like the other members of the quilt group, I heart Denyse Schmidt quilts and have made several quilts in the DS style or from the book.

quilt front

I am also making lots of baby quilts lately, in part because I anticipate friends to start procreating soon. But I also like working in the smaller format - I can be more experimental and try things appliqué that I might not do in a bigger size, and it's easier to do the machine quilting.

Apart from the Denyse Schmidt styled quilts, I also have dabbled in modern spins on traditional quilt designs and with embroidery on quilts.

ABCs and 123s baby block quilt with embroidered squares

baby quilt - modified coin quilt

and here are some other examples...

quilt mosaic

1. ps quilt top, 2. Hop Skip and a Jump, 3. finished Ice Pops quilt, 4. front of quilt for Mom, 5. quilt big, 6. front of quilt, 7. basketweave/modified split rail baby quilt, 8. quilt back, 9. any way you slice it - front, 10. front of baby quilt, 11. orange, yellow, and green baby quilt, inspired by DS "couldn't keep it to myself", 12. big zig


Liz Harvatine said...

Really beautiful Jenny! That top quilt is my favorite. What amazing colors! You really have a good eye!

Rebekah said...

now I finally know where your blog name came from! That first quilt in your post is stunning! It's one of my favorites of yours. And I really want to make a nursery block quilt like yours with some scanned images from my childhood golden book collection. I'm still scared of using printable fabric...not sure how soft and fabric-y it would be.