Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello, Hello

Hi there! I'm Amber from One Shabby Chick. The name was just something I thought of a few years ago as I was applying for a business license and had to come up with a name on the spot. So when I started my blog last August, I just used that name for my blog as well. And as my hubby can attest, I can be rather shabby :-)  especially if I get into a project and he comes home and I'm still in my pajamas!

I live in Hawaii with my hubby of 12 years and 4 kids. I homeschool my kids and try to cram in sewing and crafting whenever I can. I also love playing soccer (and love watching it on tv too).

I started sewing 10 years ago - right before Mother's Day actually. Our eldest was about 6 months old and I wanted to make my mom a quilt for Mother's Day. I had a Brother sewing machine and bought some fabric and went over to my friend's house so she could teach me how to thread my machine - I knew absolutely nothing about sewing. I had dabbled in some cross-stitching and tole-painting but never sewing. So my first project was quite a large one considering my sewing skills. But somehow I pulled it off and it is still hanging in my parent's spare bedroom (in all it's wonkiness!!).

I made this quilt for her this year for Mother's Day and blogged about it here.

I sewed occasionally throughout the years but I never really got that into it. Then last summer, I discovered the wonderful world of blogging. I stumbled onto Heather Bailey's gorgeous blog and that's when I got hooked. We don't have any fabric stores in Hawaii that carry designer fabrics (or at least none that I've found so far). Heather had just come out with Freshcut and that's how I discovered the wonderful world of online fabric stores as well. Yep, spent quite a bit of money last summer!!

I was just so blown away by all the creativity online that I couldn't help but join in the fun. I have made a number of quilts but have been really bad about taking pictures. I love how blogging helps you document your creations.

I really am more of a anything-goes kinda quilter. I just love fabrics...prints of all kinds. I'm excited about making more quilts using actual patterns and I love all the Denyse Schmidt quilts I've seen here. 
I feel really lucky to have been asked to participate in this quilting bee with all these talented sewers and am so excited to see everyone's take on the different fabrics.

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Rebekah said...

I love the scrappy, patchwork look of all of your quilts! You do such a wonderful job of combining fabrics : )