Thursday, May 8, 2008

My turn! I'm Jacquie and I blog at tallgrassprairiestudio. I started sewing as a kid making clothes in 4-H and in school. I caught the quilting bug as a young mother in the 90's. I am a self-taught quilter; no classes, just me, books and lots of experimenting. I haven't done much sewing in many years due to a busy life with active children and a demanding job. I left my job last November and it's been wonderful having time to be creative again. I consider myself a novice quilter. I love to try and hopefully learn new techniques. Craftsmanship is important to me. I strive to make quality pieces without beating myself up in the process. Quilting should be fun!

Like Rebekah I'm inspired by Denyse Schmidt and Ringle and Kerr. I wholeheartedly echo her book recommendations. I have also done a bunch of reading about the quilters of Gee's Bend and traditional African American quilts. I'm inspired by the simplicity and graphic quality of these quilts. I admire their improvisational style and their fresh interpretations of traditional blocks and patterns. If you haven't read Mary Lee Bendolph, Gee's Bend Quilts, and Beyond, I would highly recommend it.

These three quilts exemplify a bit about my quilting style and my aesthetic. I love graphic quilts and fun color combinations. I enjoy working improvisationally or with simpler patterns that can be used to showcase fabulous fabrics. The first quilt was made improvisationally after I read Denyse Schmidt's book. The Zig Zag and Whirlygiggles quilts are great patterns for contemporary fabrics. Lastly, I'm a fabriholic. Sometimes I have trouble cutting into fabrics I really love. You can see the rest of my work on my flickr page.
I'm tickled to be a part of this group (honored really), and I hope I can keep up with the rest of you creative ladies!


bettyninja said...

Great post- I just love your quilts and find myself inspired by the same styles

Rebekah said...

your wonky square quilt is beautiful, but then again, I love everything you make!

She sure is strange! said...

Love the ziggyzaggy quilt, reminds me of Charlie Brown only happier!


ps, this is the supercoolest blog, I'm so looking forward to what you all do in the future!