Monday, December 15, 2008

My turn and playing catch up.

I know it is only December, but my theme for my quilt is Valentine's Day. I got the fabrics as a bundle of leftover pieces from a Etsy Seller. She doesn't tell you the sizes, just pictures of the bundle and then packed into a flat rate priority envelope. She called it, Valentines Fabrics For Sewing and Crafting.

So, I tried to divide up the fabric as evenly as I could. I added my own solid red fabric, too. Feel free to add your own fabric in as well, but I want to stay away from the color pink. I want this quilt to have nice rich colors. Since some of the heart fabrics has white in it, you can also add a bit of white if you wish.

This quilt will be made for my baby girl, Melody. She is 11 months old now and will be 13 months on February 14, so this would be a nice Valentine's gift to her. I would like some sort of heart motif on the block. Either pieced in, appliqued on, embroidery...etc, your choice.

The details:
- The block size should be 10.5 inches.
- No Pink Fabric should be added, but you made add other fabrics in. Deep rich colors is what I want, but white fabric may be added also.
- There should be a heart motif on the block. examples: this, this, this, this, this, and this.

Now for the catching up of the quilt blocks that I owe.

This is for Liz. I love the chestnut fabric.
BettyNinja's tree house block. I even added some cut out chestnuts from Liz's fabric. This was a super challenging block. Especially since I have never done applique before. I did use fusible webbing for help.
This is for Carissa's car quilt. I didn't get any of the cool chalkboard writing fabric, so I used the 3 pieces of fabric that I got. It's not as cool as the ones that everyone have made, but I worked with what I was given.
These two blocks are for Amber. I made two since there was plenty of fabric. Log cabins are fun and I got to highlight the pretty flower in the center.And wow, this huge block, 15 inches, is for Nadia. I love the colors and fabric she chose. They look so elegant combined together.

Everything is packed up and will be shipped out tomorrow. My DH has kindly agreed to wait in line at the post office to help me mail all 12 packages. Happy Holidays, everyone!

For Nadia

Here's my block for Nadia. I combined my two favorite blocks to make this, pinwheel and log cabin. I had to add a bit of fabric because of a failed first attempt. I hope it works for you, Nadia. I experimented with some embroidery too, but decided that it wasn't quite ready for public consumption, so I did a little applique instead. Oh, and it's only a 12" block. I do hope that is ok. I simply ran out of fabric. Again, fun fabrics to work with! Thanks.

Happy Holidays to my Common Threads buddies! Hope you have a great time with family and friends and sneak in a bit of sewing time!