Monday, June 2, 2008

Carissa's block for Rebekah

a few weeks ago, my first fabric showed up in the mail. (it’s so fun to get good mail!) i opened it to find these three blocks of fabric:

one of my tiny fears about joining this group was that i’d have … let’s call it “quilter’s block” …. and be stumped as to what design to create. not with these fabrics! for some reason, as soon as i saw them, i pretty much knew what i was going to do. i was relieved when Rebekah's instructions fit perfectly with my plan. in fact, it was so obvious to me what the design “should” be that i was concerned that someone else in the group would create an identical block (which, really, wouldn’t have been a big deal, right?). i was relieved to learn that there were more than three different fabrics, so not everyone got the same ones that i did, thereby increasing the chances for randomness (hmmm.... good to note for when I have to pick out fabrics.....)

i finally sat down, late one night to actually make it. cutting the fabric was a bit daunting (can’t go buy more to replace it!), but realizing that even if something dreadful happened there was enough fabric that i’d probably still be able to make a block of some kind helped. also, remembering that mistakes can often lead to wonderful design serendipity helped. i first attempted to do something very wonky, but didn’t like the way that turned out (looks like i need to dissect denyse’s ‘wonky’ technique a little longer, apparently), so i did something a little different. because i am a slap-dash sewer extraordinaire, you can still see the wonky design idea on the back of the block:

i think the slant was just wayyyyy too pronounced. plus, i don’t think d.s. ever does parallelograms. anyway, bleh. but like i said, i fixed it and then decided to add a little bit of hand-stitching detail and here is the final block!

i hope she likes it. i do! i’m looking forward to the next month’s quilting challenge!


Lynn said...

Love the block! You did a fabulous job!

belleandboo said...

hello, this is a message for one shabby chick, thanks so much for the supportive message you left on my blog, I was really up set when I saw what had happened and was only comforted by the fact they responded quickly in removing them.
The cheek of some people!
Anyway, what a cool website I have now stumbled upon, I am going to have a good read :)
Warmest Wishes,

One Shabby Chick said...

I love this - it looks like a beautifully framed piece of art.