Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bit the Bullet

Man, how can quilting make you so nervous? I was procrastinating on the quilt block but then realized it was mostly because I was so nervous. I had picked out the word fabric to add to the three fabrics Rebekah had sent me and they had been in a little pile on my cutting board for weeks.

So today I bit the bullet and cut into them. I went the safe route and did a wonky log cabin. Of course I had never done one before but it's wonky so you can't mess it up!

I hope you like it Rebekah and I hope I'm not this nervous every month!


abcgirl said...

super cute! your wonky turned out MUCH better than my wonky (which i wimped out on). the word fabric is a great addition!

Jacquie said...

Magnificent...I think we are all breathing a sigh of relief with the first one. You did a great job!

Lynn said...

It took me a while to cut too, I only finished early because I thought they were due on the 1st! Your block is so cute. Just the perfect amount of wonky!

Oiyi said...

This came out great!

K.C. said...

Aren't you glad you bit the bullet. It's always hard to do.. I think that it looks great! KC

Erikka said...

i found this through a friend's blog (lady havartine) and I am wondering how I can either a) find a group like this that I can join or b) how to start my own.

i know some bloggers...but I don't think they are all crafty...?

any ideas would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I love love love this block!!