Monday, June 2, 2008

One done, 12 to go

Rebekah's fabric arrived over two weeks ago and has been pinned to my design wall...looking down at me in that beckoning, but mildly intimidating way. While cruising the group's blogs I noticed a few wonderful blocks popping up here and there. I knew I had to make that first cut and just do it. Thanks for the push, I needed that!
After taking the rotary cutter to the first piece my fear sort of melted away and much like Carissa, the fabric inspired me to create this block. I did do a bit of redesign which involved a touch of ripping.
Rebekah, I hope you don't mind the addition of the bit of white. I'm pleased with how it came together and now I'm looking forward to the arrival of the next set of fabric.


abcgirl said...


One Shabby Chick said...

This is just gorgeous - great job!

the tumtum tree said...

I love the asymmetry of this. It's very unique.