Friday, February 12, 2010

Red crosses

This is the first time I've made cross blocks, even though they've been everywhere in blogland. I kept going until I ran out of white, so I ended up making three. They were pretty simple to make, but a little tricky for me because I am not the best at working with small pieces. Also, I normally press all seams open, but it didn't seem appropriate for these blocks. I ended up pressing them in whichever direction worked best, so the backs seem kind of a mess. But they lay flat... I guess that's all that matters. I had fun with this little project - Thanks Jacquie!

Common Threads - January 2010

Common Threads - January 2010

Common Threads - January 2010


jacquie said...

these are wonderful. i love that they're all different in size and shape. thanks so much!

abcgirl said...

oh, i especially love the one with the tiny black center. cute!

Rebekah said...

love the black center on the first block!

Digs said...

These are super cute... I need to get crackin!