Wednesday, February 3, 2010

books for Carissa

I agree with Jess...I totally want to make one of these quilts for myself. I had fun digging through my stash to find fabric strips for this. I think this ended up being a little bit longer than 30", so I had just the right amount of white for this block.

Common Threads block for Carissa


abcgirl said...

i am so excited about this quilt! every time someone posts another snippet or another piece comes in the mail i'm even more convinced that doing this in a scrap-busting bee is definitely the best way to build this style. unless, of course, you happen to already own tons of little strips of different fabrics. then i suppose you could make a nice one by yourself. but what fun is that?

jacquie said...

it definitely uses lots of scraps...i could use a good scrap clean out! lovely choices, rebekah!

Lorinda said...

I love this quilt and I have tons of strips that i was thinking of turning over to my almost 8-year-old. She is expressing interest in quilting. I'm not sure i'm thrilled about teaching her to sew on my machine.