Sunday, February 28, 2010

blocks for Nadia

Hi Nadia,

I hope you are doing great with your new baby! I had a lot of fun stitching up your blocks yesterday. I was in a groove and ended up making three! I kept the blocks simple in order to show off your fabrics. I did this one first. How much simpler could I get?  ha ha.

Then came this block.  You'll notice I added in some of my own fabric here: the sunspots just seemed to go so well!

 And here, I wanted to use up the last piece of the elephants, and realized these donkeys would go quite nicely with your colors and theme!

I hope you like them!  They will be in the mail tomorrow.


ETA:  I'm sending Nadia an email to this effect, but she probably should not use the block with the donkeys as there seems to be a problem with that fabric fading: 


Meagan said...

Rossie, that donkey fabric is too cute by half. Is it your design? Drooling over it!

One Shabby Chick said...

These are fantastic - somehow I only managed one!

r0ssie said...

Meagan, the donkey fabric is from Scarlet Fig (

Rebekah said...

adorable blocks! I love that donkey fabric you used