Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Books for Carissa

These three blocks are various widths. I found my blocks became wonkier the wider they got, so I kept them in three shorter lengths that Carissa can combine with others however she likes.

I love this idea. I am seriously thinking about using this design to make a quilt for my son’s Kindy teacher (she is a book lover). Also, Carissa sent her fabric in the cutest packaging ever! It was very popular with the monster-loving little boys at my house.

Common Threads - December 2009

Common Threads - December 2009

Common Threads - December 2009


One Shabby Chick said...

Looks great - and I agree, everyone loved the packaging here too!

abcgirl said...

i'm glad you liked the packaging! that monster stamp that I carved has come in really handy. hmmm.... maybe i should sell some on etsy.....

i love the three blocks you sent--having them in smaller chunks makes them a little easier to sprinkle throughout the quilt wherever a little extra length is needed. good idea!

Jess said...

Go for it. I'd buy one! :)