Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"sad" fabrics for January

Hi, all! Oiyi let me know that she's already gotten her fabric, so I figured I better get my act together and let everyone know what kind of quilt I hope to make for my month!

fabric for quilt bee

I've decided to play around with color more in quilting, and I find myself drawn to a lot of gray fabric lately. So the fabrics I have chosen are all shades of gray and putty, with a red coral color as an accent (inspired also by this random picture I saved to my computer a year ago.) I keep mentally thinking of them as "sad" fabrics, since most quilts and fabrics I see are more vibrant and colorful. The red keeps the lot from being entirely drab, but I am really charmed by this atypical combination of grays and neutrals.

fabric for quilt bee

anyway, I am envisioning using the quilt as a throw on my couch to replace this one. my loveseat is gray and I'm thinking about getting a new putty or gray sofa to go with the quilt... :)

I'd love it if you made a log cabin sort of block. I'm a fan of Denyse Schmidt's style, so feel free to make it a bit wonky, or asymmetrical, or off-center. In terms of size, 12 inches would be fine - but an inch or two bigger or smaller would also work. I would rather that you do not add any additional fabrics, so if I haven't sent enough fabric, please just make it a smaller block. Also, while I do like embroidery and applique, I don't really see it for this quilt - so no embellishments please.

thanks, everyone! I am jazzed to see what you all make!


Rebekah said...

I got my fabrics in the mail yesterday. I'm excited to play around with this block for you. I love the fabrics that you chose.

One Shabby Chick said...

ooh fun - since I'm already doing Project Improv this will fit right in. I love the colors - very soothing.

Oiyi said...

Great colors! I can't wait to get started.

Lunden said...

I received my fabrics yesterday too. I love the colors and can't wait to get to work.

jacquie said...

i got my fabrics today....i feel bad that i have two sets sitting on my table. i told myself i wouldn't get behind.
that being said, i don't find these sad...definitely chic.

abcgirl said...

when i opened your envelope yesterday, i just loved the fabrics. especially the combo of the tiny stars and the red stripes. looking forward to a clean, simple quilt block for january--perfect.

bettyninja said...

Can't wait to start! I love the fabric combos