Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January...Peace and Comfort

My fabric is on the way to you. In your package you'll find some muslin/kona bone and some red scraps. I am planning a quilt inspired by this one. I would love for you to make me one or more red cross blocks. I'd like the blocks to be 6.5" square. The crosses can extend to the edge of the block or they can float in the muslin...they can be centered or not...fat or skinny or a combo of both. The crosses can be a combination of the fabrics, pieced or one fabric. Feel free to innovate the shape of your cross. I love the curvy, improv feeling of these crosses. As long as it reads as a red cross, it'll be great! You can see some of the crosses close up here.
I'm going to combine these in some way with Alexander Henry's black and red peace fabric. Not quite sure how yet, but that will come.
feel free to add your own fabric...little touches of black would be cool too.

looking forward to seeing your blocks!
i probably sent way more fabric than you need, but i wanted you to have some choices..keep the extra, send it back. whatever, works for me.


One Shabby Chick said...

OK this is going to be SO cool - love that inspiration quilt...can't wait!!

abcgirl said...

ooh fun! i've always LOOOOOVED that inspiration quilt, so this will be a treat. thanks!

Rebekah said...

how fun! I love your inspiration quilt and can't wait to get started

Digs said...

that inspiration quilt is too cool! this is going to be fun...