Friday, January 8, 2010

details, details...

I finally have some fabric parceled out for each of you. I just need to add in the white and pop it in the mail--hopefully by monday. because everyone will only get a small selection of fabrics, I thought I'd show you the range of what i picked out of my own stash to use. do these photos help?

Final measurement requests: please make a block that is 12" high and up to 30" long. If you'd rather make two 15" long pieces or 3 10" long pieces, or if you don't feel like making a strip longer than 12" (or if the fabric I've sent plus the scraps from your stash don't make anything longer than that) then that's okay by me too. I'll create whatever i need to finish off the quilt. the colored strips should all line up on the "bottom" edge of the block(s), but they should all be different heights with the difference made up (to make the full 12" height) with white fabric. If one or maybe two of the colored strips is the full 12" height, that's fine. Thickness of the strips can (and preferably should) vary as well. I'm hoping that these instructions (plus the diagram I posted before) will be clear. If anyone needs more explanation, or has questions, please let me know. I'm very excited to see the blocks you create!


One Shabby Chick said...

sounds great - I'm excited - this is going to be fun!

jacquie said...

this IS going to be fun and a great way to reduce my scrap boxes! yeah!!

Rebekah said...

I can't wait to receive this in the mail...I think my scraps will match perfectly

Alia said...

Hi. I just found you by reading some of Amanda Jean's comments on the fact that she is leaving us in blogging world! waaaaaa...... Ok. I find your site lovely and so so intriguing!!

I am an American and have been living in the Middle East. I am in the process of converting my garage into my very own studio! yippeee!!!!

I am thinking of either trying to join you all (if you will take on the overseas shipping costs) and/or starting a similar group here in the region. We have a dynamic and international group of ladies here.

Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to keeping track of your progress and how this actually works as it hasn't sunk in yet!!

I haven't been quilting much as the house is a wreck but have a look anyway at my site if you like:

Thanks! Alia

Jess said...

Your quilt will be so great! Love your idea.