Wednesday, August 20, 2008

caught up!

Finally, after some summer months that seem to have run me ragged, I'm up to speed. And as I can see it's just in time to receive my next bundle of fabric from Betty. I've also stayed away from this blog a bit as I'm finding that I'm either intimidated by the cool and creative work of the other quilters or I feel something might be too close to what I was imagining. Am I the only one who worries about these things? Once this post is finished, I plan to enjoy an evening of marveling at everyone else's work while I browse through the back entries that I've missed.
This block is for Liz. I had originally wanted to do a log cabin block with the green homespun in the center, but found I was limited with the length of my fabrics. However, I'm finding the fabric sizes I'm given to be the fun part of the challenge. It forces me to use what I have and rethink my first ideas. In the end, I think I've got a nod to a log cabin block. In fact, I'm sure this is some sort of official quilt design, but I've not looked up the name.
I adored the little nuts and wanted to play with those a bit. It seems I can't stop myself from embroidering something, so I added a little accent to the green.

Finally, I have a block to send off to a very patient Melissa.
Let's just say that I really shouldn't have been so freaked out by wavy seams.

Yes, more embroidery. (Seriously, if you don't want any embellishment like this on your block, you're going to have to tell me, because I can't promise anything if left to my own devices.)

I'm headed to the post office tomorrow, ladies.
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abcgirl said...

beautiful embroidery! and i like your block designs too. i have experienced that same "what if someone does the same thing as me?" anxiety, but then i reminded myself that on MANY quilts, most of the blocks are the same or similar. nice work!

Tina said...

it's fun to watch what blocks you all come up with. love the personal touch of the embroidery!

Rebekah said...

your embroidery on these blocks adds such a special touch! Love the blocks that you made!

bettyninja said...

I love the details! Very fine stitch work too! So nice.

Lunden said...

Not to gloat, but the embroidery is even better in person. Love the block!

woolywoman said...

I love that bird fabric- I keep impulsively buying more of it, because it is so wonderful!