Monday, July 26, 2010

Jess and Sarah's blocks

First up is my block for Jess. I had intended on making a block similar to the one circled above. My width guestimation was way off, so the beginnings of that block turned into the center of my final block and a little strip in one of the outer edges.

block for Jess

Here's an unobstructed shot of the block.

Jess' block for Common Threads

For Sarah's block, I dug out my solid color scraps and stitched together this non-rainbow of rainbow colors. Halfway through creating the block I came up with the idea to add this flange of texture and I love how that little pop of color sticks out.

Textural w/ a pop of color block for Sarah

Here's the final block. I guess I was trying to create "texture" with my blurry photography!
Textural w/ a pop of color block for Sarah

Thanks so much for participating in the bee this round, everyone! I had a lot of fun working with you all.

The ideas are percolating for finally finishing up the quilt from my month, so I'll be back to ask for your input on things soon.


Jess said...

Thank you! I love it!

Sarah said...

I got my block from you yesterday and it is so beyond fabulous! I love the the color part sticks out so I can run my fingers under it. I don't know why it never occurred to me when I asked for texture blocks that I am an incredibly tactile person, so these are perfect! Thank you!

abcgirl said...

i totally love this block, rebekah. the tiny pop of rainbow is just perfect and your texture is so neat and tidy...