Thursday, June 17, 2010


I posted these on my blog a while back, even uploaded them to flickr, but forgot to post them here -- where they belong. I got carried away with Nadia's and made three blocks.

For Amanda -- clearly I need a better iron.

And for Wendy. I was trying to make this reflective of my personality -- jeans, t-shirt, blend into the background, barefoot. However, I ended up with footless bald girl. And that's just ridiculous, because I have an overabundance of hair. Inconsistencies aside, I enjoyed putting this together. I love the people blocks. I had long ago (when I was in college LONG ago) seen one with men/women/children in different bright colors. I put it in my file and never did it. Wendy's block is making me want to pull it out again. So fun.


Rebekah said...

Cute blocks! I love how Amanda's turned out.

jill said...

Hi, how do I join the quilting bee? Do you have more than twelve members and take turns participating? My Email:

thanks for your time,