Monday, May 10, 2010

Wendy and Amanda's Blocks

I caught up on my blocks yesterday and made these two blocks for Wendy and Amanda.

Wendy's Block

Wendy's Block

First up is a tall, sweater wearing girl for Wendy (now if only my legs were as skinny as they are in the blocks :). I used light weight washable yarn for the sweater portion, so hopefully it won't be too thick for quilting. It's backed with a piece of fabric, so if you need to cut off the knitting, it's doable.

Amanda's Block

And here's a block of pluses and minuses for Amanda. I had a hard time remembering how quilt blocks were constructed while making the block, so there are some extra seams in the block. Once I got into the groove, I was able to make everything fit together, though. I am smitten with this dark teal fabric. It's so rich and pretty and now I'm dreaming up a new teal quilt to make for myself.

Stamps from Wendy

PS. Aren't the stamps Wendy used on my envelope the coolest?


One Shabby Chick said...

these are so cool! I'm working on my plus and minus block today...and your knit sweater is SO great!

Digs said...

love this one! those little plus signs are the coolest!

abcgirl said...

a knitted sweater? you've outdone yourself, rebekah. awesome.

Wendy said...

Hyperventilating over here!!!!!!!!!! A sweater! Brilliant. I absolutely love it!