Friday, May 14, 2010

May Blocks

So May is my month, but I have been hesitating, because I have been SOOO behind on other people's blocks. However, I am back to being caught up, and all of you lovely patient ladies will be receiving my/your blocks when I send you my fabrics.

What I would like is Maverick Star blocks. (I borrowed this picture from Amanda Jean from when she did her Quilts of Valor project last year.) However, I would like the CENTERS of the blocks to be WHITE. And I would like a slightly different color scheme.

I am mainly basing my color scheme off of Riley Blake's Summer Song fabric line. However, I also am pulling scraps in the same citrusy colors. I'd like these stars to be as scrappy as possible, so if you ladies have scraps in these colors that you are willing to use, I would love that. If not, of course, I have plenty of fabrics to send. Let me know if you don't want me to send you any colors. I will obviously send the white (which is Kona something).
I would like stars in 12 1/2 inch, 9 1/2 inch, 6 1/2 inch, and 3 1/2 inch sizes so I can place them randomly in the quilt. Make as many as you feel like or have fabric for. Make one if that's all you have time or inclination for. Whatever fabric you don't use, I wouldn't mind having back, because I'm going to exhaust my scraps in these colors sending them to you, and I may need to make a few more stars to finish out the quilt. So sorry.

There is a tutorial here for the 12 1/2 inch blocks. Obviously if you are doing a different size, you would use different sized blocks -- 3 1/2 inch squares for the 9 1/2 inch blocks; 2 1/2 inch squares for the 6 1/2 inch blocks; 1 1/2 inch squares for the 3 1/2 inch blocks. You get the idea. Anyway, remember I want the centers to be white, so you will need 9 white squares.
Also, I don't always cut the squares and then cut them in half. Sometimes if I have oddly shaped scraps, I will just use them as-is. Thanks so much for your contributions! I'm excited!


One Shabby Chick said...

sounds fun - I love scrappy stars!

jacquie said...

love these blocks and citrusy colors will be gorgeous!

Rebekah said...

very cute! I can't wait to get started on these.

Digs said...

yay for wonky citrus stars! can't wait!

abcgirl said...

just to clarify... you want white center blocks AND white outsides? so that just the points are colors? Or did you want the outsides (for lack of a better word) to be in the citrusy colors too?

I might have some citrus prints, but if you could send at least a few for color matching, that would be helpful. i'm excited -- this will be my first foray into maverick stars!

Jessica Christensen said...

Yes, I want the centers and the background squares to be white so just the points are citrusy. Exactly. I sent several colors, but I don't care if you want to make one star that is all orange or lime or whatever -- or use all the colors on one block. You can mix and match however you want to.