Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Jacquie and Lynn

For Jacquie:
I hope it's simple and not too quilt-block-like for your son. Going simple is not as easy as it sounds. I showed my husband and he really liked, so at least I have one man's thumbs up on this.

For Lynn:
I recently got this book, Material Obsession, and was really inspired by it. This block pattern is from the quilt, Cowboy Baby. I took one set of the block and blew it up. There wasn't many big pieces of fabric in the bundle that I got, but I made it.It's 14 inches, so feel free to cut it down if you need it. I sent the rest of the fabric back, though I did keep 2 pieces because they were so pretty.

They both have been sent out, so hopefully both of you will receive it by the end of the week.


Lynn said...

Thanks Oiyi! I love it, and I love that book too! I love all the fabrics I sent, but I love that you pared it down and used just 3.

One Shabby Chick said...

These are both fantastic...great job! I am loving that book too :-)