Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear Lynn

Have you been following Lynn's Dear Jane quilt progress? I'm in awe of every block she makes. When she mentioned that we could do anything this month, I knew that would be my inspiration.
I went with a small paper pieced block pattern that I had from Angry Chicken's Mailorder Club. I quickly realized that I wasn't going to be able to make every block from a different pattern AND get it sent off in time, but we had so many fabrics to work with that I think each one is unique.
This pattern was perfect for showcasing all the great motifs in two of the fabrics Lynn sent. I fussy cut my favorites. This little bird took center stage.

Once I'd figured out all the fabric combinations for the blocks, I sashed them with the neutral she'd included (thank you for the length in that one Lynn!). That column to the right didn't line up perfectly, but after all those little pieces, I was willing to live with it. Lynn, if you aren't, go right ahead and rip it out and resew it.

It'll be in the mail this week.
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jacquie said...

eeek! so pretty! lynn, you are one lucky girl! this is going to be a fab quilt.

Zonnah said...

Wow! I love this block.

Lynn said...

I LOVE it. I didn't even notice anything off. I've got to say it's much more precise than my dear jane blocks! It looks fantastic, and I love that you centered the bird!

Thank you thank you thank you!

Lunden said...

This is gorgeous. I love that the Dear Jane blocks were your inspiration. Nice work!

One Shabby Chick said...

I already wrote this on your blog but it's absolutely amazing! Wow! What a great block!

sunshine said...

Very nice! I tend to look at the pictures before I read the text, and my first thought was: what a nice quilt, I like that pattern. Then I started reading and began to wonder why you paper-pieced such large shapes. Until I realized the whole thing was only one block! Wow, what neat small work!

Well done!


SummersDesigns said...

This is really cute. I would like to try something like that.

Sarah said...

I love the way you've highlighted the central fabrics in this, and tossing in the grey sashing is perfect.

Hermione J. Schwartz said...

I wanted to leave a comment, but I've been struck speechless. This block is amazing! Wow! I just love the fussy cuts and how each is framed with a solid or solid-ish fabric. I eagerly await posts of the finished quilts and this quilt is at the top of my list. Does anyone know if Angry Chicken has this mail order available still? =]

sunshine said...

Hi, I have a couple of questions based on the entry and comments: 1) how is this block paper pieced? I've only used paper piecing for odd shapes that I had to join by hand. At least I think that was paper piecing, i.e. I cut out the shape on paper, then sewed the fabric around the shape and joined the whole sandwich to another one.
2) what's fussy cutting?

I think I'm set up so that you can reply to me, otherwise, you can leave a comment on my blog, or just visit :)

Thanks :)

Mr Lee said...

Wow, so cute!Well done.Lucky you.Welcome to our blog