Friday, July 18, 2008


Ahhh!!! It's official. I am the lamest member of this bee. I am so sorry to keep all of you ladies waiting for this months fabric! Sometimes the days just get away from you.
I didn't want to be even later and order new fabric so I delved into the stuff I already have and came up with the following.

The main inspiration was the chestnut fabric. If I'm lucky I will be finishing this baby up in the fall so I thought the chestnuts were appropriate. The palette is much subtler than my typical style but I'm trying something different. Calm and subtle but not boring. At least I hope not. Is this boring?
So. The rules. Blocks should be 12.5" square. They will be bordered with something neutral, maybe the khaki fabric. I think I'm going to steal Rebekah's idea for the layout, maybe change it up a little (if she doesn't mind!). If you need more of any of the fabrics or a larger piece I would be happy to send it to you so let me know. Just keep in mind that the bitty pieces are bitty for a reason. They're just accents.
As for design, I'd like horizontal and vertical seams only. No diagonals, no curves. Of course, your seams don't have to be perfectly perpendicular. A bit of natural wonkiness is fine, just keep it subtle.
These photos are purely for inspiration purposes only. You can certainly base your designs on them but don't feel like you have to emulate anything here.

1. Quilt for Keara!, 2. Finished Miniature Quilt for Whiplash, 3. Yellow pillow, 4. Crazy Log Cabin quilt... HPIM0342, 5. BB Quilt 3, 6. red cross quilt top

And one last thing, please no additional fabrics! Like I said before, if you want more of one I have extra and I'd be happy to send it.
Sorry to be tardy! Good luck!


Jacquie said...

Again, I'm excited to start. Love the chestnut fabric too!

Rebekah C said...

That chestnut fabric is so cute. I can't wait to get started on this block.

John said...

I'm usually just lurking on this blog, but I had to speak up and say how much I LOVE this set of fabrics. I mean, I love them all so far, but I REALLY like these. I think this selection will make a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to see it all come together.

Lynn said...

Yay. I'm so excited. I love how you specifically state horizontal and vertical lines only.. AND no extra fabric! I love getting told what to do!

I love the chestnut fabric, can't wait to get started!

Lunden said...

My fabric arrived today! I can't wait to get started.

Anonymous said...

Love those quilts.