Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blocks for Jacquie and Carissa -- Finally!

The real tragedy here is that I have had these blocks done for about a month, and I just barely mailed them yesterday. But they are on their ways now, ladies. Sorry you had to wait so long.
For Carissa.

I tried to do a variety of different blocks for Jacquie, but I'm not sure the wonky ones turned out that well. The one below, I didn't think it completely through before starting construction, so I'm not sure it even reads as a cross.

So I had to throw in some standard issue crosses just to be safe. I look forward to seeing the finished quilts!


jacquie said...

thanks jessica,
i love them all, but especially the wonky ones! i think they read as crosses for sure. can't wait to get them.

Rebekah said...

beautiful work Jessica!